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Teen wolf + popular tumblr text posts 

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am I the only one that thinks “I love you.” & “I’m in love with you.” are two totally different things

"I love you" means your heart has made a connection with that person.

"I’m IN love with you" means your heart is invested in them.

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how do I live knowing this lamp exists and I don’t have it


how do I live knowing this lamp exists and I don’t have it

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I like people who are learning to like themselves. Support people on the path to self confidence.

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a guy at school today was wearing this damn fine red nail polish and I heard these two girls whispering angrily and looking in his direction so I listened in expecting them to be weird about it and the first thing I hear is “how the HELL did he get it so good did he get it professionally done or something you need to ask him where he found that colour jesus fucking christ are you KIDDING me”

I think this is a good example of how the world should work.

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pour one out to the neopets we left for dead


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This is the story of the worst day of my life. The time I got sun stroke.

new video everyone! if you help me by reblogging this as usual i will look through the notes and stalk a whole bunch of you blogs to say thanks ^^

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